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This is really good! I love the textures on the background and I think the colour contrast make it look pretty neat. The character stands out a lot , which is good if that's what you were aiming for. The hoodie is really well drawn , You can clearly see the individual creases and shadows in it also it really follows the law of gravity unlike some other artwork i've seen where clothing is static in mid-air. The fur looks really fluffy and nice , Also the way you've shaded it - although some of the light doesn't really have an explanation it seems to look great anyway. The tail i quite hard to see and looks a little too wide - But at the end of the day fursona's don't have to abide by the tails of existing animals so I'll let you off on that vuv. The legs do look pretty great , The shading is accurate but they could be a little longer if you want more of an "Anthro" Look. The shoes also look nice. A little bulged at the end but most of the time that's what makes a style unique (Expression of the Paws etc.) But yes , This is a wonderful peice of art and I am looking toward to seeing future work from you , As you seem to be developing into a top-notch artist! Keep up the good work.
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